Men's Night

Thursday is our busiest day of the week!  Over a hundred golfers regularly book tee times to take part in our weekly men's event.  Booked times end at  4:00 pm, so please call the pro-shop to make a booking.  See the rules panel at right for play details.

Please view our Take-Out menu for choices of food. (Fairways Bar & Grill).

Men's Night Rules


Competition takes place over the front nine holes and is open to Members and Non-Members alike. See our 2020 Tournament & League Schedule here.


To qualify for the day's competition, players must sign in and pay the entry fee of $5.00 (plus green and cart fees if applicable) at the Pro Shop before teeing off.


Scoring is by the quota point system, i.e.


  • Bogey 1 point
  • Par 2 points
  • Birdie 4 points
  • Eagle 6 points


A player's final score is the sum of his total points for the nine holes plus his 9-hole handicap or 19, whichever is less. For Club members, flights and handicaps are calculated using GAO records. Non-members compete in a separate flight with handicaps assigned based on adjusted scores for the day's play. Members with no GAO index compete in the A Flight with a zero handicap.


Flight parameters are:


  • A Flight – Handicap 11 or lower
  • B Flight – Handicap 12 to 16
  • C Flight – Handicap 17 to 22
  • D Flight – Handicap 23 to 27
  • E Flight – Handicap 28 or higher (max 38)


The special men's night score card must :


  • be completed accurately and legibly;

  • be signed by the player and submitted to the Pro Shop at the end of play;

  • contain stroke information (points will be calculated by Pro Shop staff).


Results are posted in the men's locker room.