Men's Night

Thursday is our busiest day of the week!  Over a hundred golfers regularly book tee times to take part in our weekly men's event.  Booked times end at  4:00 pm, after which the first tee is open to players in the order you check in.  See the rules panel at right for play details.

There will be food specials every Thursday along with our regular menu options in our fully licensed restaurant (Fairways Bar & Grill).

Men's Night Rules


Competition takes place over the front nine holes and is open to Members and Non-Members alike. See our 2019 Tournament & League Schedule here.


To qualify for the day's competition, players must sign in and pay the entry fee of $5.00 (plus green and cart fees if applicable) at the Pro Shop before teeing off.


Scoring is by the quota point system, i.e.


  • Bogey 1 point
  • Par 2 points
  • Birdie 4 points
  • Eagle 6 points


A player's final score is the sum of his total points for the nine holes plus his 9-hole handicap or 19, whichever is less. For Club members, flights and handicaps are calculated using GAO records. Non-members compete in a separate flight with handicaps assigned based on adjusted scores for the day's play. Members with no GAO index compete in the A Flight with a zero handicap.


Flight parameters are:


  • A Flight – Handicap 11 or lower
  • B Flight – Handicap 12 to 16
  • C Flight – Handicap 17 to 22
  • D Flight – Handicap 23 to 27
  • E Flight – Handicap 28 or higher (max 38)


The special men's night score card must :


  • be completed accurately and legibly;

  • be signed by the player and submitted to the Pro Shop at the end of play;

  • contain stroke information (points will be calculated by Pro Shop staff).


Results are posted in the men's locker room.